Centralized and Local Doorway Sanitizing Systems

Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. has a complete line of dispensing equipment, including:

  • Lafferty Equipment Mfg. - VIEW PRODUCTS HERE.
  • Central Foam Systems
  • Central Sanitizing Systems
  • Automated Cleaning Systems for Augers, Conveyors and Spiral Freezers
  • Doorway Sanitizing Systems
  • Centralized Doorway Sanitizing Systems
  • Drain Cleaning Systems
  • Wall-Mounted Foaming and Sanitizing Stations
  • Portable Foamers and Sprayers
  • Portable and Centralized Fogging Systems
  • Conductivity and pH Control Systems

Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. is the Canadian distributor for System Cleaners.  System Cleaners specialises in the development, production and supply of professional system solutions for cleaning in the food industry – and the concepts of simplicity, robustness and reliability lie at the very core of our business.

The optimum solution
Since its foundation in 1990, System Cleaners has supplied solutions to food manufacturers all over the world, and this experience has enabled us to accumulate a great deal of knowledge with regard to effective cleaning in the food industry – knowledge that enables us to understand the customer’s perspective and thus develop precisely the solutions required.

Excellent cooperation
We know that food safety - along with the working environment, resource optimization and systematic cleaning - is one of the most important parameters for a modern and competitive food manufacturer. For this reason, we develop products and solutions in close collaboration with our customers and suppliers. We do this according to industry-specific needs that ensure the very highest levels of hygiene and ergonomics – and minimal maintenance.

Products produced include:

  • Central and De-Central Foaming and Sanitizing Systems
  • Central and Portable Rinse Systems
  • Automated Cleaning Systems for Spiral Freezers
  • Automated Cleaning Systems for Screw Conveyors, Conveyor Belts, Mixers etc.
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