ENZYMESAn enzyme is a natural protein that irreversibly transforms organic substances into a water-soluble residue.  They are 100% biodegradable and are effective at a lower energy consumption level.


  • EFFICACY:  Enzymatic solutions clean deeper than classic chemicals.
  • HYGIENE:  The heightened performance of enzymatic solutions improves the effectiveness of the disinfection process.
  • SAFETY:  Enzymatic products work at a neutral pH and are not harsh on users.  Certified free of risk of causing allergy, irritation, burns or toxic emissions.
  • EXTENDING THE WORKING LIFE OF EQUIPMENT:  Enzymatic products have a neutral pH and are not corrosive to the equipment they come on contact with.
  • COST REDUCTION:  Enzymes act as a catalyst – the cleaning action is therefore faster, requires less energy, lower use concentrations and facilitates application processes.
  • SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT:  Enzymatic solutions contain enzymes that are 100% biodegradable and are renewable raw materials.

Enzyfoam Pro is an enzyme-based, high foaming detergent that's optimized for heavy protein facilities such as beef, pork, chicken, egg processors, and seafood processors. It offers superior performance in removing protein build-up as well as greases found in heavy protein facilities.

Are you  looking for proven shelf life increases ? Look at this example !

A ground beef producer was seeing shelf life in the 10-11 day range using classic detergents. After introducing Realzyme's enzymatic detergents, starting with a "recovery" cleaning (Phase 1) and then routine usage of Enzyfoam Pro (Phase 2), they now maintain shelf life in the 20 day range ! The graph below shows details of this shelf life increase that's possible by using our enzymatic detergents. 

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