Central Cleaning Systems

E-Chem Central Foam Systems are a safe, cost-effective method of distributing a pre-set solution of foaming cleaners to drop stations located throughout your plant.

Our systems feature a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced safety by eliminating the need for employees to handle potentially dangerous concentrated chemicals.
  • You control actual chemical use concentrations at one one location, providing for better chemical enonomy and greater assurance that SSOP guidelines are being met.
  • Eliminates the need for employees to carry pails of chemical concentrate to various foaming stations or to drag portable foamers around the plant.
  • Chemical concentrations can be monitored and data logged using inductive conductivity systems.
Triton 1 Central Foam System and Phoebe Drop Station


Simple and Safe:  Keep your production area safer while increasing your facilities cleaning efficiency.  A centralized cleaning system from System Cleaners allows a single station to distribute pre-diluted cleaning or sanitizing solutions throughout your plant.

The TRITON 1 (up to 4 users) or TRITON 2 (up to 8 users) are wall-mounted systems that consist of a stainless steel, acid proof centrifugal pump unit to boost pressure, a central mixing station for detergent or sanitizer and a number of drop stations depending upon what your facility requires.

The drop stations are supplied with pre-mixed detergent from the central mixing/pump station and compress air from the plant.


  • Automatic start-stop function - a pressure-controlled switch starts the pump when the pressure drops and a flow switch stops the pump when flow ceases (following a delay set by a timer).
  • Built-in temperature control switch prevents the solution from becoming overheated
  • Safety system ensures the system will not automatically start after a power failure.
  • Chemical mixing tank is made of medium density polyethylene, allowing the solution level to be visible
  • Mixing tank is also equipped with a level switch to guard against dry running and overflow
  • Frequency controlled motors allow for pressure to be adjusted.  The Triton 1 can provide up to 120 PSI, while the Triton 4 can provide up to 175 PSI.
Economy Central Foam System Schematic


Low-pressure water flows through a proportioner.  This unit draws a preset amount of foaming detergent in-line and feeds it into a mixing tank.  The proportioner keeps the mixing tank filled with a precisely mixed foam cleaning solution.   This solution is then pumped into a central manifold that runs throughout the plant.  At each area to be foam cleaned a line is dropped to individual  pump fed foamers.  Pressure in the central manifold is maintained using an air operated diaphragm pump.

The pump fed foamers combine the premixed foam cleaning solution with compressed air to produce a stable, clinging foam.  When it is time to foam clean, the cleaning technician simply opens the solution valve, then the compressed air valve and adjusts the air until the foam reaches the desired consistency.

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