Thick Layer of Foaming Sanitizer


E-Chem's line of doorway sanitizing systems have been designed to reduce or eliminate the introduction of pathogens into food processing departments from soiled footwear, forklift wheels and other equipment.  They function by applying a thick layer of foaming sanitizing (E-San or Bioguard MQ) at pre-set levels across an open doorway.  The foam creates an effective barrier to microbes, while the automatic re-cycling function ensures the blanket is re-applied before it is completely dissipated by traffic.

Employees or equipment move through the sanitizer allowing the foam to cling to boots or wheels and destroy most of the micro-organisms present.


Doorway Sanitizing System Options


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Foam increases contact time to maximize sanitizer effectiveness
  • Replaces less effective foot baths
  • Rich foam clings to boots and wheels and penetrates cracks and crevices
  • Foam creates a visual marker for equipment operator


  • Water driven (venturi action) or air pump driven models available
  • Individual or centralized systems
  • Dual injection units to add foam to non-foaming sanitiziers
  • Centralized systems to control sanitizer concentration at one point
  • Independently controlled centralized doorway sanitizers
  • Centrally controlled centralized doorway sanitizers
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