The production of environmentally responsible products is a major goal of Epsilon Chemicals Ltd.

We strive to ensure that all our products contain biodegradable surfactants that are produced from renewable or natural sources.  Wherever possible, products are formulated without the addition of phosphates or polyphosphates, as well as solvents or APE's (alkylphenol ethoxylates).

Natural alternatives to phosphates or polyphosphates (citric acid, glycolic acid, gluconic acid) are added to provide necessary hard water chelating activity.  Organic solvents such as glycol ether EB are replaced with effective biodegradable emulsifying agents or biodegradable solvent-like materials obtained or derived from renewable/natural resources (eg. d-limonene, fatty acid esters).

Concentrated products such as FC 250 Concentrate (foaming degreaser) have a proprietary formulation that results in processors actually purchasing more active ingredients and less water.  Advantages of this include:

  • Less inventory required on site as this product can be diluted up to 2.50 times more than traditional foaming cleaners
  • Lower order frequency required
  • Freight savings
  • Fewer drums to dispose of, which reduces a processors carbon footprint in terms of packaging.

Automated Cleaning Systems not only enables consistent, high quality cleaning, but ensures that water is used most economically.

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