Epsilon Chemicals Ltd. has a complete line of cleaners formulated to remove membrane fouling.  Membrane fouling occurs when particles deposit on to a membrane surface in a way that affects the membranes performance.  

In order to clean a membrane effectively you must determine what is fouling the membrane:

  • Colloidal foulants such as clays, silica or flocs
  • Biological foulants such as bacteria, fungi or algae
  • Organic foulants such as oils, polyelectrolytes, or polymers
  • Inorganic foulants such as mineral precipitates (calcium carbonate etc.)

In order to choose the proper cleaner you need to consider the membrane type as well as the foulant.  Products available through E-Chem include:

  • AMD MEMBRANE CLEANER -  a non-chlorinated, alkaline membrane cleaner containing a proprietary blend of non-rewetting surfactants.
  • EC-03 MEMBRANE CLEANER - a concentrated liquid detergent formulated for the effective removal of inorganic and organic soils.  The proprietary blend of surfactants and other ingredients in this formulation facilitates the emulsification and removal of contaminants.
  • EC-22 MEMBRANE CLEANER - a premium, heavy-duty chlorinated cleaner that effectively removes membrane fouling, including fats, proteins and inorganic matter.
  • EC-75 MEMBRANE CLEANER - a premium blend of inorganic acids formulated for cost-effective, low pH cleaning of membrane filtration systems.
  • EC-180 MEMBRANE CLEANER - a premium blend of organic acids formulated for cost-effective low pH cleaning of membrane filtration systems.
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