DUST CONTROL 1243:  an eco-friendly, cost-effective dust suppressant that is blended with water and applied topically to roads using a variety of application methods. This product creates a safer traveling environment by improving visibility, stabilizing the aggregate surface and reducing pot holing. The end result of a treated area is cleaner air which promotes better health & fewer complaints.  Dust Control 1243 is non-corrosive and will not harm the trucks used for application or any vehicles using treated roads. It is biodegradable, nontoxic and an environmentally safe product derived from natural ingredients. 

EC AIR FRESH:  Unlike traditional deodorizers that cover-up malodours with a masking fragrance, EC Air Fresh chemically binds and eliminates odours.  This product will effectively remove many of the commonly recognized offensive odors, including smells associated with cigarette smoke, fish, sewage, skunk, urine, & garbage. Once the odour is absorbed, it is permanently bound even when the complex dries.
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